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Edit Decision Lists

To make the editing process more efficient and effective we created an edit decision list which we logged all the footage clips we had taken and then decided whether the clip would be suitable for the final product or not. It made our time editing quicker and gave us the best clips to include.

Here are our decision lists we created.



Final Designs & Development Diaries

We have created our promotion package which contains a Trailer, Poster & Website Homepage. We are very pleased with the final designs, especially with the way they all connect in colour and overall atmosphere.

Here is the trailer for Contempt. The Development Diary is also below it which talks about the advanced steps we took in the editing process to create the final product.

Editing Development Diary

The image below is an email in which I sent to Immediate Music regarding the use of their material for the trailer’s soundtrack, we were replied not long after with confirmation that it was ok for educational purposes.

The next part of our promotion package was our poster. We made sure that it was very eery and mysterious through the use of Mise-En-Scene. The poster is located below and so is the development diary from the start to the end of the production.

Poster Development Diary










The final part of our promotion package is our website that we created. Our website is very conventional to the sites you would see for up-coming films due to its small amount of content so that nothing too much is given away.

Note To Examiner:¬†We have only included a screen shot here because there was no server for us to host our website on. Our website as well as all links and interactivity will only work when the file ‘ContemptFinalWebsite.html’ is opened on the mac LG10-17 at college. We apologise for this inconvenience but the website we created with Dreamweaver is still fully functional.

Website Development Diary