We have completed a budget form on a spreadsheet which gives us all the details of budgeting for certain departments. A budget system is essential in the industry so that you can plan your production more accurately based on the budget you have. Our budget sheet is below which we have based on creating the film in it’s entirety rather than the budget for a trailer.

Budget Form


Final Designs & Development Diaries

We have created our promotion package which contains a Trailer, Poster & Website Homepage. We are very pleased with the final designs, especially with the way they all connect in colour and overall atmosphere.

Here is the trailer for Contempt. The Development Diary is also below it which talks about the advanced steps we took in the editing process to create the final product.

Editing Development Diary

The image below is an email in which I sent to Immediate Music regarding the use of their material for the trailer’s soundtrack, we were replied not long after with confirmation that it was ok for educational purposes.

The next part of our promotion package was our poster. We made sure that it was very eery and mysterious through the use of Mise-En-Scene. The poster is located below and so is the development diary from the start to the end of the production.

Poster Development Diary










The final part of our promotion package is our website that we created. Our website is very conventional to the sites you would see for up-coming films due to its small amount of content so that nothing too much is given away.

Note To Examiner: We have only included a screen shot here because there was no server for us to host our website on. Our website as well as all links and interactivity will only work when the file ‘ContemptFinalWebsite.html’ is opened on the mac LG10-17 at college. We apologise for this inconvenience but the website we created with Dreamweaver is still fully functional.

Website Development Diary

Ancillary Tasks Skeletons & Mock-Ups

As we are creating a promotion package for a film we want to include the most conventional types of promotion media to accompany a Trailer which are a Poster and Website. We have our proposals and from these we have designed the basic layout for our media texts. We have chose positions for the most conventional elements that will appear. We have also stuck to original and professional designs to give our a more professional touch.

This is the Skeleton Layout for our Poster.

Here is the Skeleton Layout for our Website Homepage.

Once we had our skeleton designs we began to design Mock-Ups. Mock-Ups can be really helpful when it comes to creating the final product because you can get a very good idea of how the final product will look. We used images from the internet for this and stuck to our skeleton layouts as best we could. Mock-Ups can also be good because if you are not happy with a certain choice you have made with the design then it can be changed for the final design.

Here is the Poster Mock-Up which actually turned out very well. we have used every approach we wanted with the spot light on the main character who looks very isolated. The colour also adds to the genre because it is quite dark and mysterious.

Here is the Mock-Up for our website. We are happy with the design because the programme ‘Adobe Dreamweaver’ can be quite tricky to get used to. We have included the elements that we wanted as well such as the embedded video and the countdown timer.


A very important part of Pre-Production is the script for the trailer. The script looks at all the scenes, settings, directions and dialogue for actors. It is important for all members among the production including the actors who will follow the script carefully before and during a shoot. We made sure the script was a s detailed as possible and we finished with 8 different scenes, one being an alternative scene in case we find that during editing we want to add a final scene onto the end of the narrative.

Writing a script for a trailer is different because a lot of parallel editing takes place and this needs to be included into the script. Also there are a lot more scenes than there would be  for a short film because the trailer is for a feature length. After some well spent time here is the final script for  the Contempt trailer.


Production Schedule

It was important to keep a schedule of all the documents and parts of the production that we were going to complete or when we had completed them by. This was so that we could keep on track with the production and make sure that certain aspects were completed on time and before the deadline. The schedule helped us a lot to make sure we had also completed all particular documents that were needed. The schedule is located below.

Production Schedule

Production Log: 22/3/12

Today me and my partner have finished our development diaries for the editing and the poster. We described all the professional and technical processes which we went through to create our final products. We made sure that we talked about how our certain steps linked to audience and genre.

Production Log: 15/03/12

Today was very productive and we finished filming our last scenes which went well. We had some good shots and good lighting. We have   also finished editing and the trailer is now complete. There are a few steps we need to complete for the poster and then that will be finished too. It is all coming together nicely as a package.

Production Log: 8/3/2012

Today was quite a busy day; we ended up filming a couple of scenes for the trailer and editing them together. We had to find a new soundtrack for the last section of the trailer so it would fit with certain shot types we had. There is not much left to do now and we will film the last scene next week and should hopefully be finished in the next two weeks.

Production Log: 1/3/12

Today we continued editing parts of our clips. We have some good cuts that sync well with the music and the super impositions are looking good. We also carried on with the final poster in which we used images we had taken and imposed them in a similar way of the mock up. Next lesson we will continue editing and will also hope to film the last scenes.

Production Log: 23/2/12

Today we completed more of our development diary for our poster and we have finished our location scouting sheets as well as the risk assessments for all locations. We have our actors and our shooting schedule ready and will be filming half of the scenes this weekend. We wanted to use a more professional camera but this is unavailable to us at the moment and if we wait any longer we may fall behind. We hope to upload our footage next lesson and begin editing.